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Zeo Wine Corks - Set of 4 - Black


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Zeo Wine Stopper keeps opened bottle of wines fresher for longer by keeping the air out within the wine bottle. This then, reduces oxidization and prolonging a wine's lifespan

The airtight seal also allows bottles to be laid horizontally

Features and Benefits:
- Preserve wine after opening
- Set of 4
- Keeps wine fresh
- Use with Wine Pump

Care Instructions:

For longevity and coating protection, please do not place into a dishwasher or glasswasher.

- MUST be hand washed
- A use of soft clothing or sponge is most advisable
- Do not use abrasive or harsh chemicals/solvents to clean
- Rinsing with warm soapy water is also advised
- Thoroughly dry after cleaning.

Other Details
 Capacity  n/a
 Colours  Black
 Material  Silicon Rubber
 Weight  0.07 kg
 Dimensions  40 x 180 mm