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Frequently Asked Questions

90-day Risk-Free Intro Package Offer FAQs

→ Who we are.
Synergy Merchandising Pty Ltd commenced in business in 2002. We are members of the Australian Liquor Retailers Association, Australian Promotional Products Association, Australian Distillers Association, and Australian Gift & Homewares Association.

→ Who can I speak to discuss my initial order?
Email us at sales@synergymerchandising.com for any enquiries regarding the offer, products and T&Cs, etc.

→ What does the 90-day, risk-free offer cover?
Initial order of the INTRO PACK comes with a 90-day, money-back guarantee for unsold items given that they are returned in original and unshop-soiled condition.

→ What is the freight-free order value?
$99 plus GST, otherwise $15.95 freight and handling fee applies.

→ Where can I place reorders?
Email us at sales@synergymerchandising.com for reorders.

→ What are the available payment methods for reordered goods?
Initial orders proforma, new orders on credit for approved account holders.

→ How do I open a credit account for reorders?
Complete and submit a Credit Application Form at sales@synergymerchandising.com and reorder goods will be supplied once account has been approved.

→ How do I display merchandise?
We provide free hang strips.

→ I need images for my website and/or store.
Email us sales@synergymerchandising.com with the info and product images you need.

→ I received damaged products.
Email us sales@synergymerchandising.com with the information and pictures of the damaged items to process to allow us to either replace/refund.

→ I want to return products after 90 days.
Email us sales@synergymerchandising.com to advise you wish to return products. A Return Authorisation Form (RAF) will be emailed to be attached to the box(es) of returned products. Note that goods in original, unshop-soiled condition will be accepted for credit, missing goods will not be credited. It’s the responsibility of the retailer to return goods to us via a trackable means.